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The word Ara means “worshiping” or “bringer of rain” in Arabic. If you like masturbating with your Yoni Egg, you will LOVE this toy!

Made of pure borosilicate white glass, The Ara has a long, slender neck, which works as a handle for gently manoeuvring the wider end inside the vagina. The Egg-shaped bulbous tip has three ribbed tiers, which stimulate the G-spot, creating just enough texture and firm pressure to allow you to have a G-spot orgasm and maybe even squirt across the room!

With warm coconut oil or your favourite lubricant (we recommend our Yoni Elixir oil), gently massage the vulva and clitoris to awaken and engorge the G-spot. Slowly insert the thicker end of the wand inside the vagina and press up against the anterior wall, about 1 - 3 inches inside the vagina.

While you breath deeply and express authentic sounds, simultaneously massage the clitoris and insert the wand in and out of the vagina at a rhythmic pace. To squirt, pull the dildo out as you feel close to climax and gently bare down. Make sure you put lots of towels down or use our NEW Waterproof Squirt Blanket so you don't soak your sheets. Let it rain, let it pour!


Here’s what some women have said about The Ara:

“It literally feels like you’re self pleasuring with a ribbed yoni egg!”

“I love the bulbous egg-shaped end - it' makes my G-spot burst with liquid! You don’t have to insert very far to feel the full scope of pleasure.”

“It’s so sleek and lightweight. I feel like a Goddess when I use it”


  • Made of pure hardened white glass

  • Measurements: 17cm x 3.5cm x 2.5cm. At its thickest it is 3.5cm, and at it’s thinnest it is 1.5cm.

  • Comes with a gorgeous branded pouch for safe keeping

  • Choose if you want to add on our Goddess Box - a black satin-lined YPP box for storing your wand.

  • Discrete packaging.

  • Eco packaging.