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The Gemini


About The Gemini:

The Gemini is our luxe glass dildo designed for simultaneous dual penetration. Ribbed with smooth vein-like ripples and a penis-head lip, this wand has a thicker end (for the more daring) and a tapered end (for the more timid).

Whether your love-making is between two women, two men, a man and a woman (or even solo) - The Gemini is perfect for slow scissoring, gentle grinding and erotic riding between two people.

Made of solid borosilicate glass, this dildo is sturdy, non-porous and hypoallergenic. Since glass doesn’t bend, this toy is best for slow grinding - manoeuvring with care, arousal and tenderness; imagining you’re making love with your partner with your cock inserted inside you and inside him/her.


28cm x 4cm x 5cm

Comes with:

  • Gorgeous YPP branded pouch for safe keeping

  • Discrete Packaging

  • Love. Lots of love!

How to clean:

Wash in warm soapy water (organic, non toxic soap is best) or rinse in warm water with a dash of apple cider vinegar. Make sure you wash in the ridges under the penis-head and keep in a safe place.

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